In my last week’s post for Mast-o-khiar Soup I completely forgot to mention that I was participating in a fun cross-blog posting event called Summer Fest put forth by some amazing bloggers.  It has been fun checking out what other people have been posting and salivate from one blog to the other. It is amazing how sometimes is so easy to connect to others that share your interest and love of food on the web. It all started because I came across Jaden from Steamy Kitchen on Twitter, saw her blog, and the rest is history! Other co-founders of this project are:  A Way to Garden,  Mattbites,  White on Rice Couple,  Gluten-Free Girl, Simmer Till Done’s Marilyn Pollack Naron, and Paige Smith Orloff of The Sister Project

This week’s theme is Fruits From Trees.

My mind started racing and wandering as soon as I read the theme for this week.  We actually have three different types of fruit trees and recently bought three more.  One of such trees happens to be a lime tree. I love limes so so much.  They re so good, and well us Persian love our Persian Lime.


After having purchased our lime tree I found out that there are a couple of varieties of limes and the one that we have is actually a Mexican lime.  Anyway, you will often notice that in Persian cuisine limes are used pretty often.  In fact they are used both fresh and dried.persian-lime4-small

Our limes are currently super small. I can’t wait to harvest them sometime soon…well soon being the key word here. But I check on them everyday and pray that they will make it through our hot summer days.

Anyway, for today’s post I want to talk about a fun drink that I thought of a couple of weeks ago when I wanted something refreshing with a twist.

This is my own twist on the well known shot Lemon Drops.  I love Lemon Drops and often wished that it was not just a shot but an actual drink.  My version is a simple drink to make, and it is so good to sip on a hot summer evening.  As a matter of fact mine is sitting right here as I am typing this post!

So here it is: Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages above 21, I present to you, Persian Lime Drops!


2 fl. oz Vodka

Juice of 2 Persian Limes (or any other type of lime)

1 tsp sugar

ice cubes

Pour all ingredients in a shaker and guest what? Shake well! Pour in a martini or any other type of glass.


You can totally get creative with this drink and go as far as putting sugar on the rim of your glass.  You can also adjust the amount of vodka to your taste. I know in our household the way The Sous Chef makes drinks are a little dangerous and my eyes cross at the first taste, and when I make them, he has a tendency of adding more alcohol. I am all about subtle and enjoying the various flavors! As a matter of fact I enjoyed the first one so much that I just had to get up in the middle of writing and make myself another one!

I will conclude this post with a tip. wink wink wink!

Instead of throwing the squeezed limes in the trash, throw them in your sink food disposal along with the ice cubes that you used to make the drink. The limes will release a fresh citrus scent making your kitchen smell nice, and the ice will sharpen the blades, or at least that’s what I learned on a Epicurious podcast. Yes, I am that much of a food nerd, I watch food podcasts on my ipod.