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Leftover Herbs ~ Quick Chopping & Freezing


In the aftermath of our Norouz party we were left with a lot of left over fresh herbs.  I knew exactly what to do with some of the parsley: Chimichuri, baby! But then I was still left with hell of a lot more parsley, cilantro, dill, chives, and mint.

Instead of just freezing each herb on its own I started to think ahead. I took in consideration future Persian dishes that I am planning on making and the amount of herbs needed for each dish when cooking for the two of us.   Since I had a bit of cilantro and chives left I decided to make a Sabzi Polow mix to be used sometime in the future.

The rest of the herbs I just measured and froze on their own.

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Sabzi Polow Mahi ~ Persian Herbed Rice with Fish
12 years ago

Sabzi Polow Mahi ~ Persian Herbed Rice with Fish

Norouz is only a few days away folks! Today’s post showcases yet another dish that it traditionally consumed for the Persian new year.  Last week I posted Reshteh Polow …
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