In the aftermath of our Norouz party we were left with a lot of left over fresh herbs.  I knew exactly what to do with some of the parsley: Chimichuri, baby! But then I was still left with hell of a lot more parsley, cilantro, dill, chives, and mint.

Instead of just freezing each herb on its own I started to think ahead. I took in consideration future Persian dishes that I am planning on making and the amount of herbs needed for each dish when cooking for the two of us.   Since I had a bit of cilantro and chives left I decided to make a Sabzi Polow mix to be used sometime in the future.

The rest of the herbs I just measured and froze on their own.

Freezing herbs is a good way to save time in future cooking sessions. All you have to do is simply empty out the contents in the pot while cooking. Also, it is a cheaper alternative to buying frozen herbs at the Persian markets.


Here is my Sabzi Polow mix.  I took the liberty to take the quickest way in making this process fast.  I simply used my Cuisineart to chop the herbs.


The trick is to use the pulse button a few times.


And here you have your chopped herbs in just seconds!


I mixed the herbs together in a bowl since I don’t like to put chives in the Cuisinart.  I wrote the amount of each herb on a ziploc bag as well as the date it was frozen.


Fold over the ziploc bag and try to remove as much air as possible.  This will also make the bag nice and compact so it won’t take too much space in your freezer.


Go ahead and do the same with the rest of the herbs.

Simple and quick!