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I love sign-in and seeing that people have left comments.  I love the fact that I have created two posts based on what a couple of people have asked in the comments. Well here is a third one! You asked and you shall receive my dear readers.

In a recent comment Wendy said:

I’d love to hear your thoughts about making perfect tahdig on an electric stove. I’ve made it about 10 times and still haven’t managed to get it just right. Guess I should break down and buy a rice cooker.

Truth be told I know nothing about electric stoves.  Fortunately for me every place that I have ever lived has had a gas stove, which frankly to me are simply the best for cooking.  I am mildly snobbish when it comes to stoves because there is something about seeing the flame under the stuff that you are cooking that cannot be experienced through an electric stove. I believe that when you cook with a gas stove you can better control the temperature at which you cook.

I have seen many people make Persian rice on electric stove before and clearly it can be done.  One thing that I have noticed that people who have an electric stove do is place a layer of aluminum foil at the bottom of the pan, then place the rice on top of it and proceed to cook the rice regularly.  Beyond this information I don’t know much.

On  the matters of owning a rice cooker, I am all for it. I have one and I LOVE it. Some people don’t like the way rice comes out of a rice cooker because they say that it is not as fluffy as it is when you steam it. I do agree with this, but at the same time making rice in a rice cooker is essentially fool proof as long as you become familiar with your rice cooker and get the rice and water ratio correct.

I know this out of experience as it took me a few tries until I figured out that the perfect ratio for my rice cooker is one to one.  Besides this, the other cool thing about a rice cooker is the fact that you simply throw everything in there and in about one hour you have yourself some with a fabulous looking tahdig.

With all of this said, I would love to hear the opinion of those who have an electric stove and make Persian rice.  How does your rice come out? Talk to me pleeeeaaase!

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