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Has anyone had Noon-o Panir-o Hendooneh? Or Hendevaneh, if you want to be proper! I was introduced to this delicious combination in my teenage years! My first thought was, “What??? That doesn’t sound too good.” Then I tried it and oh my was I hooked!

My love affair with Feta cheese grows bigger and deeper every day.  I just simply love it! I absolutely love watermelons as well so this is definitely a winner in my book!

I think this is such a great combination and it’s a very nice summer snack or even meal when it’s hot out and all you need is something refreshing!

All you need for this delicious combination is Lavash Bread, watermelon, and your choice of Feta Cheese!

Now run to the store and buy all three and put them together and see how delicious this combination is!!!

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