Chicken Kabob1 (Medium)

Yesterday’s post covered the most important step in making Persian Chicken Kabob which is marinading. Today I am going to show you how to cook it.  It is a hot day today in LA and standing in front of the hot BBQ was not necessarily fun, but let me tell ya, the kabob was soo soo good that it was worth every second! Look at those luscious pieces of chicken in the picture above, aren’t they appetizing?

Persian Kabob is always skewered and usually cooked over charcoal.  We have a gas grill and what we did is take off the grill and placed the skewers on top of the flame.  I skewered some of the chicken and I left some to just throw over the grill.

Chicken Kabob2 (Small)

Collect all of your needed items.  I like to use gloves because I hate the slimy feeling of the chicken and marinade.  You may want to use a long rectangular dish or you can do what I did. I covered a cookie sheet with aluminum foil. This is a little messy so just have everything close to you.

Chicken Kabob3 (Small)

Skewer chicken pieces and onion pieces. You can choose to cut your chicken in pieces or just put them on whole. Whatever you do make sure that the pieces don’t hang too low and are as close as possible to the skewers.

Chicken Kabob4 (Small)

Warm up your grill and place chicken on top.  As you can see we took off our grill on the right side for the skewers.

Chicken Kabob5 (Small)

Make sure that you season your chicken with salt.  Can I tell you a secret? Don’t do what you see The Sous Chef doing here.  I nearly had a heart attack when I saw him pour sea salt from its container like that.  Given that he was in a hurry and we were both hungry I just kept my mouth shut and prayed that the results would not be so salty that I could not take a second bite.  Always take a pinch of salt and pour on food from a distance so that you have control over amount and distribution.

Chicken Kabob6 (Small)

Turn skewers so that all sides cook.

Chicken Kabob7 (Small)

Baste chicken with the marinade as it cooks.

Chicken Kabob8 (Small)

Yum! Look at it. So delicious looking with grill marks on both chicken and onion pieces.

Chicken Kabob9 (Small)

Cook chicken on each side for about 8 minutes.  Please note that the pieces set on the grill will cook faster than the pieces on the skewer.

Chicken Kabob10 (Small)

Check chicken with a food thermometer.  Once the temperature reaches 160°,  your chicken is ready.

Chicken Kabob11 (Small)

Place some Somagh on top for extra flavor.

The kabob should be tender, moist, flavorful, and a little tangy.  Jujeh Kabob, or Persian Style Chicken Kabob is usually served with Chelow, white rice.  But you can also just make a sandwich with Lavash bread.