One of the elements of Haft Seen is Sabzeh, sprouts.  Sabzeh is actually one of the first things that are prepared for the spread as it takes a couple of weeks for the sprouts to grow into a nice height.  There are two types of sabzeh, one that is done with wheat and the other is done with lentils.

For the sake of having my Sabzeh ready by the time I had decided to post this entry I began the process two weeks ago.

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to grow Sabzeh.


Place wheat seeds in a bowl. Make sure that you use unpelted wheat.


Add water and let soak for 2-3 days. Make sure to change the water daily.  This picture was taken on February 21th.


After soaking the seeds place them in a platter.  You will notice that little white sprouts are sticking out of the seeds at this point. Picture taken on February 24th.


Cover the seeds with a moist paper towel.  Lightly sprinkle the seeds with water once a day for the next 2-3 days.  Make sure that the paper towel is always moist.


You will notice that the sprouts begin to grow.  Continue to sprinkle with water every day. Make sure that the platter is not drenched in water as this can ruin your sprouts.


Place platter on a windowsill.  Once the sprouts grow to about 1/2 inch it is no longer necessary to cover them with a moist paper towel.  Picture taken February 27th.


Continue to sprinkle daily with water.  Picture taken March 1st.


As the days go by the sprouts grow longer and turn into a darker green.  Picture taken March 2nd.


Look at this beauty! Looking good and healthy as of yesterday March 4th!

I would suggest starting the Sabzeh process as of today so that you can have a nice looking Sabzeh by March 20th!