Here we go! Another post about tahdig! So far I have posted about two methods of making tahdig, one is with yogurt and saffron and the other is with lavash bread. Today’s post is about one of probably most loved methods of making tahdig.  There is something truly magical that happens when sliced potatoes are friend along with the rice at the bottom of the pot!


1 potato

2 cups of rice, boiled as show in the basic rice cooking method post

1 tbsp saffron brewed in hot water

canola oil



Slice potatoes as evenly as possible in about 1/4″ rounds


Gather all of the needed ingredients.


Some people will fry one side of the potatoes first, flip them and add some water and oil and then place rice on top. Others will simply place water, oil and saffron in the pot, place the potatoes in there and cover with rice. Personally that’s what I do. I just pour a couple of tablespoons of canola oil, then add 1 tablespoon of saffron brewed in hot water, and little sprinkle of salt and slightly shake the pan or use a wooden spatula to mix the liquid.  Add the potatoes, sprinkle each with a little salt and then add rice.

I highly recommend that the salting of the potatoes, at least on one side, is not skipped. It makes a huge, huge, huge difference!


Since thadig is super popular, sometimes when I have left over potatoes, I add them to another pot or pan and make extra tahdig. Generally, when you make more tahdig you will be more loved!


Add rice as you would regularly. As always cook on high for 10 minutes.  Lower the temperature, wrap cover in a towel and steam for about one hour.


The end result is a gorgeous and delicious potato tahdig!


And here is the extra one that I made in the pan!