I am always amused by people’s reactions when they taste Persian food for the first time. For the most part the reactions are positive and I love seeing people’s face light up as their tastebuds are introduced to our cuisine. Sometimes the reactions are not “oh my, this is really good!!!” For example, I pretty much know that most of the time when non-Iranians try Doogh for the first time, they don’t particularly care for it. This doesn’t surprise me because Doogh is definitely an acquired taste. Those of us who grew up drinking it, love it and get all giddy when we see it or drink it. But the truth is, the taste is unique and the combination of yogurt, soda water, and salt can completely throw someone off.

Reactions to food bring me to the video that I featuring today. I love the fact that this girl tastes the different Persian snacks and sweets she is sent on camera and talks about them. Her reactions are pretty funny and her comment about Doogh is pretty much what I expected. Low and behold, there is my Albaloo Polow picture in the explanation letter that she holds up for the viewers to see as a reference.

The title of today’s video is “Emmy Eats Persia (Iran) – tasting Iranian snacks & sweets.” The video is published by Emmymade in Japan and it runs for 10:14 minutes.