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I watched this week’s video with much interest because not only did I find it interesting, but also because it made me realize something that I was not particularly aware of before. Last week’s Video Wednesday featured the popularity of International food that is now found in Tehran. This week’s video is about the abundance of Fast Food in Iran in general and how it has impacted the population. I had never given much thought to the influence of Fast Food in Iran because my friends, who have traveled to Iran, don’t really talk about it. There is much talk about the wonderful Iranian food that they consume, but there is no mention of  the existence of fast food.

This video made me realize that indeed in Iran fast food dominates many people’s daily intake of food. As people have become more busy, the amount of time spent preparing homemade meals has decreased. One of the portions that caught my attention was the topic of Persian food being cooked with an excessive amount of oil. I personally believe that this is very much so of a subjective matter. I know many people whose rice is absolutely drenched in butter or oil. This is not my preferred method of cooking and/or eating rice. I personally use oil and butter in moderation even though I have been known to say “Butter makes everything better.” With that said, my rice for six people is topped with maybe two tablespoons of butter and not a whole block!!! The only time my pot of rice sees a block of butter –the quarter of a pound ones to be exact– is when I am cooking for a crowd of twenty or more!

Now on the video. This week’s feature is called Iranian Food Industry – Iran Today produced by


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