Last night I attended a Seminar/Cooking Demo about the benefits of following a plant based diet. I began the evening by sitting up tall in my seat. However,  as the evening evolved I shrunk lower and lower. The expert speakers highly encouraged the audience to remove all forms of animal protein from their diet, diary, any type of oil, and behold…salt. I won’t share with you what eggs were said to be because it was way too graphic. In fact, it was so graphic that my friend Sarvin, an egg lover who is not willing to give it up, was understandably far more horrified than I was.

Anyhow, today’s video showcases Iranian Vegan dishes. One of the aspects of Persian cuisine that I love is the fact that it is versatile. In many cases recipes are originally, or can be adapted into either vegetarian or vegan.

Today’s video is titled “A Taste of Vegan Iranian Cuisine.” It was originally uploaded by SMTV Uploads and it’s 18:33 minutes.